Why Genovieve is a Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist

In my practice as a Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist located in Buckinghamshire, and Kent, I firmly believe that the ‘why’ behind my work takes precedence over the ‘how’ and ‘what.’ I am eager to share this perspective with you. Through my journey, I’ve realized that the true driving force behind my work lies in the ‘why.’ This intrinsic motivation holds far greater significance than the ‘what’ or the ‘how.’ People often ask me, and I’ve questioned myself, about the ‘why.’ Why do I engage in my professional endeavors, and what purpose does it serve? It’s this ‘Why’ that fuels and propels me forward, akin to the fuel in a car powering its movement.

Passion for People

At the core of my being lies a profound passion for people. It’s this deep-rooted passion that fuels and guides my professional endeavours. My purpose is to guide individuals towards a fulfilling life, one where they embrace their true selves, value their own opinions, and recognise their self-worth. Witnessing individuals at ease within their own skin, comfortably owning their voice, is the most gratifying aspect of my work.

Personal Experience

Throughout my journey, I’ve had the privilege of being part of the beautiful stages of change and the uneasy yet transformative moments of truth with my clients. Exploring the meanings and actions that shape our lives within my sessions has been a remarkable experience. Additionally, I’ve personally undergone therapeutic work to heal the misconceptions I unknowingly clung to about myself. This journey has allowed me to understand the significance of authenticity and to embrace my values.

In my approach, I often convey to my clients that I would never expect them to embark on a path I haven’t traversed myself. My belief in what I do, and the methods I employ, stems from my personal experiences. This belief is the heartbeat of my ‘why.’ I genuinely believe in the transformative power of my work, and it’s this belief that propels me forward, ensuring that every action I take is heartfelt and sincere.

Moreover, this belief reinforces my commitment to approaching my service from the heart, knowing that I contribute to others with genuine care and understanding. Each individual who confides in me and embraces this journey alongside me becomes a source of inspiration and growth. This humbling experience strengthens my resolve to give my very best, pouring my heart and soul into every endeavour, and striving to exceed expectations by giving my all—110% commitment to empowering lives.

Watching You Grow

Another ‘why’ Self Healing happens! It’s not magic, a wonder or a trend. It’s about digging deep and listening to your heart and intuition. It’s about opening and connecting with yourself to find the answers about ‘why’ you think, feel and act the way you do. You know what you do and how you do it. But the ‘why’ can seem hard to pin down. It’s not a prize given to a select few. It is an intrinsic ability we all have. This is ‘why’ when I talk about it at each and every opportunity, whether it’s holding seminars and workshops, guest speaking and socially I live and breathe my ‘why’ with total passion.

My own life path led me to this wonderful career that’s about invigorating the potential that exists in all of us. To see you all thrive and become all that you are meant to be. Health, wellness, fruitful relationships, wealth are within our grasp. The key is to re-programme the part of our mind that self sabotages our true self.

The What & How

The ‘what’ and ‘how’ follow the ‘why’. I feel at my best when I share knowledge, and skills so, when partnering with others it provides the road /path to release those disrupting and debilitating unconscious blocks to success – personally and professionally. The ‘what’ and ‘how’ of what I do is that I use a technique called Hypnotherapy as a tool to unlock the unconscious, the ‘feeling’ part of the mind! Here lies the potential and the will to release the destructive beliefs shaped in the past that sabotage the current day, the ‘now’.

I’m qualified extensively and continue to source further skills to embrace those that need specialised therapy to deal with symptoms of trauma or relationship issues. All problems begin in the mind and therefore can end within the mind; because everything begins with a thought. What I do is help to free individuals just like you, to be what you were always meant to be – true to yourself.

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If you’re ready to embark on this journey of change and see what your mind can do, then please reach out.

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