Hypnotherapy works by allowing communication with your subconscious mind in offering suggestions and optional behaviours to this part of you and provided its what you really want to address issue’s and work with your imagination/desires (your ultimate goals), and then making sure they do not disagree with your personal beliefs and you want to make the changes; these changes can take place very rapidly.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy is about tapping into the power within your own mind to create the positive changes you desire. Our mind works on 2 levels – consciously and subconsciously. We make decisions, think and act with our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind controls our habits, emotions and instincts and ultimately our behaviour.

Our subconscious adjusts your blood pressure and makes little changes to your body temperature all day long. These physical things are done autonomously but it also has a significant say over our feelings, habits and emotions. Like a computer, the subconscious mind decides the degree of fear we may feel when confronted like when seeing a spider, our reaction is influenced by the input of your past experiences. If you are a dieter, it’s your subconscious mind that decides to make you crave for food or not; regardless of what you (‘the conscious mind’) may think about dieting.

Unfortunately the conscious mind normally has little control over this deeper part of the mind. This is an essential survival function rather than nature’s defect as it intervenes in ways to stop us consciously calculating our heart beating or appetite for example. As far as our subconscious mind is concerned, it sees that all of our anxieties, cravings or habits are in our best welfare. When it gets things wrong, it is naive that this is the case and like a real computer it cannot reason things out – it is programmed in a certain way. This is where hypnotherapy can help as it is the most direct way of communicating with and ‘re-programming’ the inner (subconscious) mind.

How Do I Begin

The process begins with me understanding your individual needs, coming to understand, how the material you disclose affects your current day life. This entails me growing awareness of how you view yourself, as well as how you view the people who you have or had relationships with; or events that caused you concerns either current or past. Together, we will examine processes and patterns which are related their concerns. We will seek out together new processes which can improve quality and experiences in your life.

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