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Counselling High Wycombe, Counselling in Medway –  ONLINE PSYCHOTHERAPY Genovieve Feasey, Trauma Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Somatic Body/Mind & Bowen Practitioner. I connect with people through my authenticity, life experience, and respecting everyone’s circumstances. I’m willing to hear you share your most hidden secrets!

Therapies I offer are: ONLINE PSYCHOTHERAPY & Counselling, life coaching, trauma counselling (EMDR) and Insight Sessions on the internet/online (often via Skype) for my more remote clients, allowing me to work with clients all around the world. I also offer bespoke private and confidential services for those who live or work in the public eye including celebrities, public officials, actors, musicians, entertainers and performers.

If You’re Stuck Then It’s Time To Access Some Help to better understand what is going on and how to fix it ! Find me, your ready to address  life  & relationship issue’s, release tension or anxiety, lifting bad luck, healing “baggage” from the past & moving forwards; even increase financial flow if you dare!

Relationship Issues

Depression, Anxiety, affecting Relationships, whether with a family member, friend or your spouse are not always easy and when you need some support in times of crisis, relationship therapy can help. Therapy builds self-confidence/esteem, beliefs and improves skills to communicate effectively with others.

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Hypnotherapy & EMDR

balance your lifeOvercome the effects of abuse, neglect, crime or an accident using Trauma Therapy, re-build your life, live it fully. Eliminate painful memories, re-create peace and happiness, regain a sense of self, healthy perspective on life’s direction to overcome beliefs/events that have caused disruption.

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Health and Lifestyle

hypnotherapy buckinghamshireReduce “emotional stress” and program your body /mind for optimal health and vitality. How much is anxiety or stress holding you back from life, impacting your health? It doesn’t have to be that way. You can get your life and health back again by accessing the unconscious mind.

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Coaching and Support

CoachingGetting what you want in life needs action! Decision making, desire, focus, knowledge and support are all needed. As your life coach I can help you develop the focus and self esteem you need to achieve a more fulfilled life. Have you wondered how life might change…

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Our Blog
  • Online Psychotherapy Session “ZOOM” for Mental Health - Why would you need counselling at this time? You still need the emotional support regardless of what`s happening in the wider world – Corona Virus 2020, and maybe because of it. #ONLINE COUNSELLING IS THE NEXT STEP OR WAY  – Towards maintaining positive #Mental Health or Emotionally Resistance. Think the reasons that brought you to therapy […]