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facebookHello Everyone, feeling a little isolated and sense of loneliness please know your not alone there is help and support look at this Facebook group below. This post is especially for those that don’t feel they have a space to off load. I truly hope YOU can access the internet and can get to do a search to locate some answers and hope ease your dilemma of believing and thinking ‘you’re alone’.

I wanted to share the Facebook Page which I set up only today 15/December/2015, you see I put my name down to volunteer mine and my partners time on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for ‘Crisis’ and the local charity in our #communityofHighWycombe called ‘Wycombe Homeless Connections’. They are overwhelmed with volunteers therefore where probably going to be unsuccessful to help. There’s a part of me that want to give, give to others in a less easier space than myself. Hey Presto came up with the #idea to setup a #facebookgroup called Your Not Alone click HERE… to share and assist those people out there that just don’t fit in with all the hipe of Christmas Joy, and the Spirit of the Season the ‘hassle and bassel of life’. There are some of us out there that are just feeling #isolated, #insignificant, #disconnected from ‘others’.

They maybe many reasons for some, to be currently getting into this #stateofmind and what matters the most is that they manage and move through moment by moment to next the phase of ‘healing the self’; your not alone help and support Facebook Group

Here in this video I recorded, I forgot about whether I looked pretty, had make-up on, whether the sound was perfect as well as the setting, whether I was prepared; I layed down my own debilitating thoughts ‘Fear’ that ‘STOPS’ me from moving forward to simply get this message across to those that would benefit with some support especially this time of the year. Loneliness is heartbreaking and tears a person’s soul and morale to where it is non-existent.  Please let me be part of your journey to understanding and growing to ‘BE’ again YOU. I’m Genovieve Feasey a Psychotherapist from High Wycombe and I also work in Medway Towns Kent I can personally tell you I  ‘walk the talk’; if your looking for advice or therapy in any of the matters that impact your quality of life, please call me for support. Fully Regulated and Registered Accredited Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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