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Trauma Counselling and EMDR in Buckinghamshire with Genovieve Feasey. Have you recently had a traumatic experience? Feel in danger, fearful, helpless, bad memories or even horror?  Anyone can benefit with the use of these Therapies; because a Traumatic event can happen to anyone.

The word “trauma” generally refers to a wide range of intensely stressful situations that involve high levels of danger, fear, helplessness, or horror that evoke high levels of distress for most people in such situations (American Psychiatric Association [APA] 1994). 

Despite more media coverage in recent times of traumatic events and their effects, there is still considerable shame associated with talking about trauma. As a result, many survivors may feel that they are going crazy or that they are somehow inadequate or broken. They appear to be dealing with the trauma less successfully than other people and deal with similar stressful situations. Unfortunately, many people, including mental health professionals, are afraid, unwilling, or too uncomfortable to talk about traumatic events. For this reason, you’ll find it’s possible that you may not have had a good experience sharing or talking about your traumatic experiences with even the most well-intentioned people. For example, sometimes partners, parents, therapists, family members, or even your best friends may have trouble understanding what you have been through. However, it is very important for you to understand that you are not going crazy, you are not weak, and you are not broken. The problems you are having are common reactions to trauma. Using the therapeutic tools of Trauma Counselling with a qualified and registered therapist will help you or someone you know to breakthrough the distraught memories or behaviours that impact the better, healthier and happiest way of living your life!

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Available Counselling And EMDR For Trauma In Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

‘PTSD’ Using Counselling and EMDR Therapy as a Psychotherapy Intervention, working quickly and effectively. For a Consultation Contact Genovieve Feasey PsychotherapistThe range of events that can be labelled as traumas may include, but certainly isn’t limited to, the following experiences:

Childhood sexual or physical abuse

Partner abuse (emotional, sexual, and/or physical)

Sexual assault


Physical attacks or assaults

Serious car accidents


War combat


Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes

Witnessing or hearing about something horrible that has happened to another person

The effects of trauma are varied and range far beyond post-traumatic stress symptoms ‘PTSD’ Using Counselling and EMDR Therapy as a Psychotherapy Intervention, working quickly and effectively. For a Consultation Contact Genovieve Feasey Psychotherapist (Follette and Ruzek 2006; Herman 1992). In many cases, a survivor of trauma may experience problems after the traumatic event that he or she had not experienced before the trauma occurred. The symptoms or problems people experience after trauma can be thought of as falling within a spectrum or continuum ranging from limited effects to very severe effects. Furthermore, we know that the effects of trauma can be cumulative. In other words, the more traumas you have experienced, the more problems you may experience as a result. So, even if you’ve experienced many traumas, you’re not likely to just get used to it. The psychological impacts after trauma can vary from one individual to another

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Some people may experience some slight adjustment issues immediately following a trauma but then achieve a full recovery in which they never experience any additional problems related to the trauma. Other people may have recurring episodes of psychological difficulties, especially during times of other life stressors.Others may experience symptoms that begin immediately after the trauma and get worse and worse over time for many years, resulting in complex and long-lasting outcomes.

Those of us in the field Trauma Therapy like EMDR have learned a lot about trauma in the past years, yet we have not always done a very good job in making our knowledge available for those who most need it. As you likely know from your own experience, it is hard to acknowledge when you are experiencing difficulties or problems in your life. Having difficulties admitting and talking about psychological problems is a very common response, particularly when it seems that many people will not be able to relate to the trauma you have experienced. Counselling And EMDR For Trauma In Buckinghamshire, Here’s an Offer a Half Price 1st Free Session to discover more of how you can be listened to, strategies and processes to overcome lack of confidence, control, self esteem and self worth. I can Guarantee you within your visit you will feel heard and have some hope to knowing things in your life can be different!!!