The Benefits of Therapy

Anyone can benefit from therapy and the benefits are enormous. Therapy can lead to a deeper and more satisfying relationship with yourself, which is the foundation for creating better relationships with other people. Many people see improvements in their communication and social skills.

Individual benefits will vary but here is a list of some of what you may gain:

Sense of Self

  • An awareness of what is important in one’s life
  • An ability to stand up for one’s values, and back them up with action
  • Confidence in one’s durability in the process of living


  • A calmer attitude toward feelings of pain
  • An ability to respond to the moment without over or under-reacting
  • A stance of curiosity rather than of judgmental criticism toward oneself and others
  • An increased focus on the present rather than the past or future


  • An ability to communicate meaningfully
  • A sense of communion with others


  • Release from self-defeating behaviours
  • A clearer view of one’s hopes
  • A clearer view of opportunities
  • Eventually therapy becomes a way of life without the assistance of a therapist. There is a sense of relief, of awakening. Doors open to greater possibilities and life takes on a richer meaning.

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