Negative Mindset and Bananas

I’m Genovieve, a Psychotherapist in High Wycombe and I want to talk about Negative Mindset and Bananas, yes Bananas. Some of the common belief traps created in our head is what I refer to as our Bananas.

What is a Banana Mindset?

The Banana is a Mindset containing things that we hold onto that bring us nothing but distress and sickness.

In parts of Africa they use a standard method to catch a monkey; the Hunter will make a small wicker basket, with bars extensive sufficient aside for a monkey’s paw. The the hunter will find a grove, the place the monkey’s reside, and put the basket on the bottom with a banana within it. Then the hunter hides up a tree. Sooner or later, a monkey will come alongside and examine the basket. Discovering the banana the monkey grasps it and holds on to it tightly. However the bars aren’t sufficient for it to withdraw its hand when holding a banana. So it waits. And waits. And waits. The hunter will then throws a web over it and haul it off to the market.

A monkey’s mind is barely a bit smaller than that of a humans. You’d assume it was best to let go of the banana. The rationale is that it’s not, because the demand for the banana is stronger than any intuition for survival. The concept also applies to human beings. All of us have ‘Bananas’ we hold onto for, even when holding is against our greatest pursuits.

One factor that stops individuals from letting go & progressing is a constant fear of what is going to occur to them in the event that they let go of the banana.

Do you have Bananas in your life?

Common Bananas are:

  • I should be cherished;
  • I’ve to achieve success;
  • I should have more cash;
  • I need to not present anger;
  • I Ought to all the time be a meals guardian;
  • I should be an excellent person;
  • I’ve to assist folks;
  • I need to not be egocentric;
  • I will need to have revenge.
How to remove the Bananas in your life