How Life Coaching Could Help You in Your Career

Do you live to work or work to live?

Good question, hey. Neither one is right or wrong.

What do you find yourself doing because of others at work? Perhaps you’re a people-pleaser, who took a profession to make your mother and father proud? Maybe you’re a prestige-chaser, and also you’ve spent your career pursuing the following significant award or promotion? Perhaps you’re a security-seeker, who will put themselves through anything as long as they never experience what its like to feel like being at risk right?

Job Dissatisfaction Statistics

One third of professionals are so unhappy with their jobs, and this is incredibly common halfway through ones career.

45,000 workers determined that 67% of 18-24 yr olds have been satisfied but this dropped to 57% for employees aged 35-44. In the last 10 years Business Professionals now source out Life Coaches to help them get back their Mojo and ‘Zest for life’.

There are signs that in the UK we have the top proportion of unhappy personnel in Europe. Recruitment organisations in UK say that middle aged personnel can be showing stages of severe anxiety and living with the effects of depression, leaving feelings of low morale that are not fulfilling their full potential.

Ask yourself: If money and time was no object – what would I do?
Write down as many things as you want, from hobbies, to careers, to free time and reading – then ask yourself – is there any common theme here between these things?

How to resolve your dissatisfaction in your career

Select a few of the most interesting things you would like as a career/profession and then research these careers, speak to everyone you know who is already working in these fields, keep a diary, do your research and brain storm – mind map your visions and be creative with your ideas; remember our thoughts and words are what – we focus on to manifest our reality.

Key question: What would you love to do that someone else would pay you handsomely and reward you with the income you deserve?

Believe in Yourself; The World is Your Oyster

You may not have the abilities right now; but you understand deep down that you are passionate enough to train in the skills, and that eventually a person/business values your input sufficiently to pay you for your abilities in the very near future.

Selecting one of your passions is one of the most uplifting, fun physical experiences you can gift yourself. Tap into all the great skills you enjoy doing? Don’t hold back – remember this is personal – simply write all your ideas/all of them down they are invaluable.

Think back over the past 12 months, what were you doing in those instances when you’ve been “in the zone”? Remember how at those particular times you could have gone 24 hours without sleep?
Remember when you were a student, developing strategies so you could accomplish the results that got you here thus far!

It’s ok to listing things that aren’t your strengths and listing hobbies or passions is the important thing to get the whole lot out on the desk so you can begin to craft your ideal role(s) wherein you will be most fulfilled.

Write down as much as you need, from pastimes, to careers, to free time and studying – then ask your self – is there any commonplace subject matter here among all of this stuff? (or a number of these items).