Health and Lifestyle

It is important that you feel as relaxed as possible during our sessions. It also helpful for you to ask questions, as our process moves forward in a good, working, partnership, questions are key and help steer the sessions! Also important for you to be aware that sometimes, discussing the details related to a painful situation can be uncomfortable, or even painful. I will pace sessions according to your level of comfort, feeling respected throughout the therapy process.

I encourage my clients to be mindful of experiencing discomfort as relationship processes begin to shift. Sometimes, feelings may become more intense before they get better. Also, it’s good to be aware that some of you will change your goals as therapy progresses. Such changes can happen in ways which my clients may not have expected at the beginning.

Sometimes, a client of mine may even sabotage their own progress, in order to remain in a place which feels more natural to them (even though they are attending therapy for things to get better). Old habits are hard to let go of, but it can be done! A good counsellor will avoid being discouraged or intimidated by setbacks. They are another way of shedding light on the client’s concerns.

Fortunately, there is always a real chance for new, helpful changes, and for new solutions in a client’s life. When clients are sincere about working towards goals they are most likely to benefit from the therapeutic process.