Therapy Facts

Counselling In BuckinghamshireMore and more people in the UK are turning to complementary and alternative medicine and we are spending more than £4.5 Million a year. A BBC poll showed that one in five of us opts for some kind of non-conventional therapy such as acupuncture, meditation and yoga to tune the body, yet our minds, spirit, creativity and core happiness are often overlooked. Unlike in the USA, British people often see counselling as a sign of weakness – even taboo – rather than valuable to long-term health and happiness.

Top sports people, like Andre Agassi and Tiger Woods turn to psychologists to ensure peak performance, while creative talents such as Elton John and Jim Carey use therapists to combat conditions from depression to bulimia.

What if the stresses, fears, phobias, self-limitations, addictions and heartbreaks in YOUR life could be transformed easily? When would be a good time to grasp a new way of thinking and a new life? There is probably no better way to invest time and money. Get in touch now.