Counselling testimonials for anxiety, depression and relationship issues

Here’s what a few of my clients have said –

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Fiona Brown, Beijing, China – September 2016

Hope you are well. The time since I saw you has flown by, we are in our second week in Beijing, Mat is at work and the kids and I have been acclimatising to life.
The journey was good and we are looking for houses to live in and seen a couple of possible. The kids have been brilliant. Their school is amazing. I think even Erin is happy about it. She has stopped harming, almost overnight when she wasn’t going back to school, which is so good.
Sorry this took so long but now I am going to write my testimonial but please edit where you feel it necessary, I trust you.
“I found Genovieve 5 months ago on the internet after years of looking for the right person or agency to help me. I had been passed around the NHS, had tried private counsellors, therapists, CBT, etc., I felt like a nuisance and a bother to everyone, but nothing felt lasting or changed my perspective on life like Genovieve has. I was at the stage where I felt this has to stop, the feeling of desperation with my life, for ‘something’ to switch how I felt about myself once and for all. It was affecting my
Relationships with my children, husband and I had isolated myself from everyone else i knew, I didn’t know where to turn. I looked for someone to see the whole of me and take a therapeutic and holistic look at my life and I am so grateful I found Genovieve.
Using EMDR Genovieve has changed my whole outlook on life. It was quite daunting and I must admit I was sceptical but willing to try anything. I opened myself to it and within even the first session I noticed there was a shift in me. After only a few weeks I was more confident and felt in control of my feelings and how to manage and notice what was happening for me.
During the EMDR sessions I could physically feel something happening to me. I could feel sensations and emotions which Genovieve would use to guide the therapy. She used EMDR with me for pain management, over eating, relationship issues and general unhappiness/depression.
I can now go out feeling confident about myself, my abilities and know that whatever happens I can handle it and I am not afraid anymore. I have a positive outlook on life.

Fiona Brown, Beijing, China


Paul Riley, Rochester, Kent – September 2016

Hey, my name is Paul Riley I’m from Rochester, Kent and I’m 21 years of age.
I first found out about Genevieve through my parents as I knew they were doing couple counselling. I came back from uni and fell into a massive ditch which I realised and knew I needed help so I made the first step by asking my Dad to set up a meeting with Gen.
I always knew I struggled with life but when I moved to UNI in Cornwall last September of 2013 things got bad and it just got worse and worse no matter how much I tried to put on a brave face, I was struggling to get work done and even turning up to lectures was non-existent after the first 3 months.
I just thought I was being weak, I didn’t even seek help, my friend sought help for me, only then did I actually realise how much of a pickle I was in when I was diagnosed with the labels ‘very anxious and deeply depressed’ in January 2014
I started seeing Gen in late July, I was indulging my life in allot of partying/going out and abusing drugs, not so much to have a good time but to escape life, I was doing things I wasn’t proud of.
When you are scraping along rock bottom you assume you are beyond repair, I accepted this thought and just wanted to be stable enough to carry on living, but when I started my first session with Gen she explained what she is able to do, (she recommended I go with EDMT) and after the first session I saw this light, this glimmer of hope, Gen started to teach me tools to control my mind, my thoughts, my life.
I went to her once a week during the summer then went back to Cornwall in September, I don’t start uni till February so in the meantime I’m living with my house mates in our new house and working, well trying to work.
Obviously all my problems aren’t all fixed but I am much better in myself and are still working on myself with the tools I was taught to carry on and progress myself.
When I am back home I still intend to pop in to see Genevieve to help ‘tune’ up.


Dr. Viji, Berkshire, England – September 2016

REFERENCE: Personal Counselling and Life Coaching. February – ongoing sessions 2013
I just want to thank you, Genovieve, so much because you make me feel understood and for your exceptional humanity, caring for me and asking about my progress session by session. You made me feel not like a “case” but like a person and that I can actually get better and defeat my anxiety around my competence in learning how to drive.
I was quite nervous on my first appointment but you made me feel at ease straight away. As my sessions continued and as each week passed I began to feel more relaxed and calm and slowly but surely my anxiety symptoms seemed to slowly fade away. People around me also started to notice the difference in me too, my family have greatly benefited as they say I’m the person I used to be ‘mum’ ‘wife’ has returned back to them which I would agree with.
I started looking forward to the days rather than waiting for the anxiety to raise its ugly head. The main difference was this whole new amazing POSITIVE outlook that I now have in life. Because of letting go of my fears, I can even address my goals of career and have recognised my lack of enthusiasm in my job and realising I want much more reward in my work and finances. Therefore in my newly found confidence and happiness in myself, and along with my husband’s support and guidance I am deciding to take the next steps into fulfilling some of my untold desires of my dreams.
I can’t thank you enough Genovieve for your support and professional skills, I’m now enjoying life again with new insights of myself and my potential, which I never thought possible. I really can’t recommend this therapy enough to those who are considering using Genovieve for part of their journey.


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Ann from London – September 2007

Since meeting Genovieve. I have watched as she has become strong in the face of adversity, developed confidence, exuded inner happiness and then in turn followed her dream of helping others – at that time I didn’t realise I would he one of them!

I had suffered from depression and depressive thoughts for years due to historical relationships/circumstances. In one of my “dark moments” I called her for help, although I had never really opened up to anyone about my fears and feelings. The processes we went through helped me to acknowledge so much about myself, changing my attitude and freeing me up from my previous limiting beliefs.

The outcomes of the sessions have been incredible! I have overcome debilitating fears that I now know were rooted in my subconscious. And I now respond very differently to situations and feel that I have control of my own emotional well-being. I feel that my life and my destiny are in my own hands and, for the first time in years, feel free of the doubts and negativity that were holding me back.

Love and many thanks, Ann.

Alison from Kent — April 2009

I am always talking to people about the fact that I have had hypnotherapy for family issues and I can’t stress to them enough how much it has changed my life. ln the last few weeks my whole world just flipped from negative to positive. I can look back almost as though looking at someone else’s life. My spark has come back! I finally feel that I know who I am. I have an understanding of myself which has really helped me… I know this may sound silly but I think therapy and Genny has truly changed my life I’m not scared of life anymore.

Thanks, Alison!


Kevin from Kent- January 2010

I work within the fitness industry and have known Genny for about 6 years during which I have had Bowen Technique and counselling sessions. I have had massive improvements in my physical and mental wellbeing!You will find her approachable, friendly and always willing to listen and help.