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Cost Of Therapy

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Counselling Hypnotherapy or Psychotherapy Fee Price per Session: (Pre-payment of 2 treatments required)

Counselling or Hypnotherapy – £144.00
Couples / Family Therapy – £154.00
Therapy Home Visit – £157.00 + Travel Expenses
Therapy (Low Income) – £105.00

Group Sessions or Support for Staff /Employees is available for companies, prices are available on request.
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Treatment Session Prices

Rescheduling & missed appointments
If something unexpected comes up then appointments can be rescheduled but please provide 24 hours notice for changing appointments – otherwise you may still be charged. If you fail to attend an appointment you will be charged.

Ending your treatment
You may end your course of treatment at any-time. Please tell me in a session or provide 24 hours notice. You will be invoiced for any unpaid fees.

Refunds and guarantees
Nothing in life is guaranteed, and it is not considered professional or ethical to offer one for therapy.  A doctor, counsellor, or psychologist for example, does not offer a money back guarantee because the complexity of the human mind and body, make it is impossible to say with 100% certainty what the exact results will be. Whilst treatments like hypnotherapy and NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming can often be quick and effective, the therapy is not a magic wand which ‘zaps’ the problems away but is instead a gradual process where we both work together over a period of time to help you overcome the problems and make changes. Therefore the results depend on your commitment, motivation and involvement in the change process. The most successful clients are the ones who get fully involved in the treatment, act on advice and carry out any exercises given. You can be assured that as a full-time professional and ethical therapist, I will bring all my skills, knowledge, experience and ongoing training to bear in helping you to achieve your goals. However, I cannot control your commitment, involvement, life circumstances or what you do outside of the session so cannot guarantee any outcomes.